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Why Choose Us

Our Firm Difference

While all law firms provide similar legal services for a fee, not all firms are the same. At CLG, we are focused primarily on entrepreneurial businesses, from start up to emerging growth  to more mature and established enterprises, adapting our to your stage. Most larger law firms apply a “one size fits most” approach, both in service delivery and in costs. Many smaller firms offer more flexibility and lower cost, but lack the deeper or broader expertise and experience that large firms offer.

At CLG, we apply our extensive, prior large firm and sophisticated transaction experience to the needs of the smaller, emerging growth or closely held private business. We also limit the number of clients we serve and learn the unique goals, plans, needs, culture and industry of your individual business, aligning the most optimal delivery of our services with you. We also have a wealth of actual business operational experience outside of the practice of law, working in several industries in a variety of capacities, including strategy, executive leadership, operations, manufacturing, business development and sales, and finance. You will find that working with CLG is more like working with a strategic business partner than a law firm. 

We have the breadth of experience, tools and flexibility to customize our practice to fit your business, deliver top tier representation at affordable costs, regardless of your size, and maintain our core value of making it easy to work with us.

Due to our minimization of large firm overhead and our focus on efficiency, we also offer a substantial cost savings over most firms of similar breadth and experience.                  


While we can not guarantee any result, our clients routinely find that their results are more positive when working with us. This is due to our alignment with your objectives.


At CLG, one size does not fit all, or most. We adapt our approach with each client to deliver practical assistance that works for you. We do not confuse you with legal jargon or make you adapt to typical law firm practice. We deliver sound, understandable advice and work, all without sacrificing expertise and the highest level of professionalism.


We have deep experience, both on large sophisticated transactions and with effectively applying and adapting that learning to enterprises across all growth stages.


Your legal costs are optimized at CLG. Our fees are based on the delivery of actual, high level legal advice and services, and are not padded with firm overhead or inefficient delivery such as too much time and cost of inexperienced junior associate work multiplied by senior attorney supervision. We do not bill for answering calls and emails, providing status updates, discussing general business matters and strategy, or for routine administrative or other tasks. As a result, our fees are far lower than attorneys with similar experience and expertise.


We do not use junior associates to handle your matters, and don't subject you to our on the job training, or the extra costs of supervision. You have one highly experienced point of contact who is familiar with your business.


Most of our clients over time come to view us as a trusted business partner and friend, not just a professional service provider. We spend significant time and effort assisting clients with non-legal services, including business coaching, strategy input, assistance in business negotiations and strategy, networking and other assistance. We care about your business, not just the project we are working on.


We limit the number of clients we serve, by design, and do not pass the overhead costs of staffing through to you by charging high hourly fees in order to ensure availability. We do this to maintain close contact and a deeper knowledge of our clients and to be responsive and timely with our service.


One of our core principles at CLG is to maintain a culture of being easy to work with. You should not dread calling your attorney. We deliver sound, practical guidance and always seek to complete your projects efficiently and seamlessly, and always strive to find the most cost effective alternative.